2022’s Most Desired Rental Amenities


There are many benefits to renting out a property to tenants. For one thing, being a landlord can offer you a fairly passive income. You don’t even have to live in the same state as your rental property; nor do you need to involve yourself in the maintenance of your property, or even meet your tenants face to face. If you work with a company that can handle basic property management, you’ll be hands-off while gaining your rental income. Additionally, a rental property can potentially grow in value over the years, making it an extremely valuable asset for most owners.

However, you will want your rental property to competitive, and to easily gain attention from potential tenants. This means that you’ll need plenty of rental amenities that appeal to a broad consumer base. If your property doesn’t already have those amenities, you may want to consider going further than employing a basic property management company, and instead investing in improvements. With that being said, let’s look into some of the most desirable rental amenities of the year.

1. Pools

Pools are tried and true in terms of boosting the appeal of various properties. People love being able to step outside of their house and easily access a pool — or even find one in their backyard if your rental property is not located in a neighborhood with a community pool. According to a survey by Apartment Guide, 60% of property managers reported that pools and fitness centers are among the top three desired amenities among tenants. This leads us to our next amenity…

2. Fitness Centers

If your building or neighborhood does not have a fitness center, you can still potentially add a fitness center to your rental property. You might want to make changes to your walls or flowers to allow for an easier, safer workout space. Some landlords even include fitness equipment among the furnishings in their rental properties.

3. High-End Kitchens

There is much to love about a gourmet kitchen in a rental property. This can allow for not only advanced cooking but also greater opportunities to socialize with your family and guests. People love to get together in the kitchen, and the more up-to-date and spacious the kitchen, the better.

A property management company can offer improvement suggestions. Research how to improve your property and contact us today for more information.