3 Things to Expect with an HOA


If you haven’t owned a home that’s a part of a homeowners’ association, or HOA, you’re a part of a group that’s becoming smaller and smaller each day. Right now, it’s estimated that Americans have a one in five chance of owning a home that’s a part of an HOA. And if you’re familiar with the benefits of owning a home that’s a part of an HOA, you’re probably seeking out one of those homes, hoping to be a part of that one in five. But if you’re less familiar with an HOA, you may have heard some things that understandably would concern you. But if you dismiss the idea of home managed by a community association simply because of misinformation and preconceived notions, you may be missing out on a lot of benefits. Homeowner association management companies have a lot to offer, and a lot of people find themselves surprised by what they can really get from joining such associations. Let’s look into what some of those benefits and advantages might be.

1. Less Upkeep

One of the major benefits of a homeowner association management company is that you don’t have to worry as much about the maintenance and upkeep of your home on your own. Yes, there are often higher standards of upkeep for homes in areas under HOA management, but the fact is that they also handle a lot of that upkeep for you. A lot of the dues that you pay go towards maintaining the properties in the community. While you don’t need to worry about anyone walking into your house and making sure that your interior is the right color, you also don’t have to worry as much about cutting your own lawn in a lot of areas that rely upon homeowner association management services. If the community has extra amenities like a pool or a gym, that is maintained through your dues, and your homeowners’ association will contract cleaning companies for the community at large. Basic exterior maintenance is often taken care of by HOAs as well. Furthermore, if you need something handled by a professional vendor, your HOA can get you in touch with the vendors that they use, and possibly at a discounted rate. Knowing that the vendors that you use have been vetted by your HOA makes it much easier for you to trust that you will be getting good work.

2. Extra Amenities

We mentioned above that there are extra amenities that you can access through your HOA, and that is a major benefit for a lot of Americans. A homeowners’ association company often offers amenities that you would otherwise have to reach outside the community for. A homeowners’ association company channels your dues into fun amenities. You can visit a gym that is unique to your community, and for that matter visit a pool that is just for you and those who also pay dues within the community. Through community association management, you can get a lot more out of your neighborhood.

3. Enhanced Property Values

It’s often much easier for your property to stabilize or maintain its value when it’s managed by an HOA. An HOA ensures that your property looks beautiful, and is appealing to people who may want to buy a home in it in the future. Many HOAs also create an exclusivity factor within their communities, making them want to live there all the more. When you buy a home, you buy it as an investment; you may not live in the same house permanently. Therefore, you need to keep that in mind when buying a home and remember that an HOA is a good investment.

If you aren’t familiar with HOAs, they can be somewhat intimidating at first. But there is a lot to gain from these systems, and you should take full advantage of them.