Why Do Families Prefer Living In A Community With A Homeowners Association?


Did you know that Americans living in homeowners associations and condominiums have told pollsters they are overwhelmingly satisfied in their communities for the seventh time in 13 years? Check out these quick facts to see why people prefer living in HOA communities.

What Is An HOA?

A homeowners association is a private association that is typically formed by a real estate agent. This raises the property value and can help the agent with residential property management. After enough homebuyers move onto the property, the agent will transfer ownership of the association to the community. These homeowners agreed to abide by the by-laws and regulations of the community when they purchased the property.

What Are The Benefits of An HOA?

Community members enjoy many benefits with being a part of a homeowners association. These can include:

  1. Accessible Amenities
  2. The amenities that come with living in a homeowners association can make fun weekends with the family easy and less expensive. These amenities could include a community pool, tennis courts, clubhouse, playground, trails, and a movie theater. Only members are allowed to enjoy these advantages, so they are less crowded than other public spaces.

  3. Beautiful Neighborhood
  4. Inviting guests to your home will leave you as the talk of the town as these neighborhoods are kept in top aesthetic conditions. When homeowners move in, they agree to keep their property looking nice. This means that you won’t have to deal with neighbors who refuse to mow their lawn regularly.

  5. Dispute Regulation
  6. Speaking of neighbors, homeowner association management services also include guidelines on how to settle disputes. They can enforce specific rules for both parties, and act as an unbiased perspective. This means you won’t have to deal with unruly neighbors or noisy dogs.

  7. Neighborhood Security
  8. Many residents will organize a neighborhood watch program, or will hire security to monitor the community grounds.

  9. There Is A Community For Everyone
  10. When looking for an HOA to move into, you may have the option of choosing to live in a community of people with a similar lifestyle as you. For example, you may have the following community types to choose from:

  • Single family and master planned
  • Mixed use
  • Luxury high rises and condos
  • Golf and country club
  • Municipal Utlilty districts
  • Investment properties

Whatever your residential preference, communities with well-functioning homeowners associations make a home more than just the house you live in.